La Nogalerais an estate with agricultural origins, with links to the Beltrán family dating back to 1866 when it was an irrigated orchard of fruit trees, with a significant terrace-based cultivation system for taking advantage of sloped land. The terraces were built up using stone, giving rise to arable areas on different levels that remain to this day and that are constantly restored to maintain this legacy of major agricultural significance.

As well as the traditional terracing system, the old irrigation system using the channel running from the Guadalevín river is still maintained. This channel is split up into branches used for the flood irrigation of terrace levels.

Both the main channel and its secondary branches have a system known colloquially as "aguas perezosas" or pools used to store water for subsequent use. These "perezosos" or pools were used for washing harvested fruit and vegetables for sale at the Ronda market.

This irrigation system is an agricultural legacy inherited from archaic cultivations of the Andalusí Middle Ages. The landscape is of vital importance to our estate, as its surroundings hold enormous natural beauty; it is located at the foot of the imposing La Nogalera rock wall, which can be seen from the La Alameda Park lookout points in Ronda, and forms part of the agricultural landscape of our Andalusian land.