Gonzalo BeltrAn

At the foot of the Ronda Gorge our wines are born, organically grown and according to biodynamic criteria.

The art of growing grapes

Growing the vine with respect, taking care of the soil and pampering its fruits are our main objectives, to obtain a quality grape that is characteristic of this land.

We go back to traditional agriculture; we return to the origins where the Moon and the Stars tell us which days are conducive to working land and plants.

We use plants with which we treat the vineyard, a 100% manual and natural work, which makes this vineyard a “vineyard of beauty”, in which every last detail is done with respect and love for the land; making the grape incorporate all the characteristics typical of this native land.

Our way of seeing agriculture is key to this mission, so our project is based on the love of the Earth, Ronda and its landscape.


Do you know the taste of the sun?
And of the earth?
Its fruit is my legacy
Made in Ronda with 100% Syrah grapes


Acquired by the Beltrán family in 2013, it had housed pig farms in the 1960s. This area is rich in water and riverside sediments, ideal to carry out our project.

La Nogalera

Finca Nogalera, is a farm of agricultural origin, linked to the Beltrán family since 1866, it was an irrigated garden and orchard, with an important traditional farming system. 



Nogalera Experiences

Guided visits include a tour of our Finca Nogalera and tasting of three wines: PEREZOSO RED, PEREZOSO ROSE and RESILECIA WHITE. With chorizo and local cheese nibbles.

We like to take care of the details, so at Experencia Nogalera we know that you will be very comfortable under our Olive tree. Come with your group of friends and find out.

A little piece of us